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Gaining 3DAP Accreditation

3DAP accreditation is offered only to proofing vendors who supply the industry with proofing solutions and have the necessary resources to continue supporting these accredited proofing solutions. After gaining accreditation, the vendor is issued with an individually certified 3DAPv3 control strip for each proofing solution that has been accredited. The certified wedge will identify the particular proofing solution to publishers and printers and is used to QC the proof at point of creation. The control wedge also enables third parties such as publishers or printers to QC the proof by way of measurements performed on a suitable spectrophotometer.

Any qualified proofing vendor who seeks 3DAP v3 approval is welcomed by the committee as it is essential that as wide a choice of vendors as possible is available to the magazine publishing industry. It is important to remember that the guidelines issued by 3DAP are issued in accordance with the stated objectives, in summary a predictable workflow. Therefore proofs must match to the target colour space within 3DAPv3 tolerances, this window is defined as "what is commercially acceptable."

The easiest way for a proof vendor to proceed after reading this document is to contact the 3DAP committee via email .  After matching the targets, the next step is to contact the committee to attend an approval meeting. 

Following is a summary chart of the QA procedures for vendors and proof originators and then detailed instructions for vendors, proof originators and 3DAP committee.

The quality assurance process flow summary

To download a printable copy of this flowchart click here

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