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Accreditation Procedure for 3DAP Committee

Members of the 3DAP committee are required to follow the procedure below when assessing proofs for accreditation

  1. The accreditation process is as follows:

    a) Measure and record Lab readings, from the IT8/7.4 target on the digital proofs. The readings must fall within the deltaE tolerances specified by 3DAPv3 – a recognised tolerance for the difference between measuring devices is also taken into consideration. The 3DAPv3 control wedge must also fall within the required specifications.

    b) Perform a visual analysis, comparing the submitted proofs to the supplied reference proof. The visual analysis is performed under current ISO lighting standard regulations

  2. 3DAP will approve the submitted vendor proofs after all submitted proofs have achieved deltaE readings within the specified 3DAPv3 tolerances and both proofs have passed the visual comparison to the 3DAP supplied reference proofs.

  3. All documentation must be supplied to 3DAP for approval. The applicant agrees to follow the QC instructions with their clients who may be issued a 3DAP wedge.  The supplier needs to keep a record of authorised client sites issued with the accredited control wedge for each accredited proofing solution and ensure that the proof originator fully understands the responsibilities of using the 3DAP Wedge.

  4. Once approved, a proofing solution is valid for a period of 12 months, 3DAP will publish supplier and device details and date of approval on the 3DAP website for that period, at which point successful re-submission is required to continue the listing. It will be the vendor’s responsibility to re-submit for ongoing accreditation in accordance to the dates listed on the 3DAP website.

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