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3DAP recommends PDF files be created to the ISO PDF/X-1a:2003 standard.

To make it easier to produce a compliant and print ready PDF, 3DAP provides Colour and PDF export settings as a free download. The settings can be used in all recent Adobe applications (CS and newer). For other design software, use the settings as a guide and refer to your application's help and support options to apply it to your particular setup and workflow. Most design software have built in support for PDF/X-1a creation.

The 3DAPv3 settings package contains:
- Installation notes and guides to using the provided files
- All 3DAP recommended ICC profiles for separation and soft proofing
- Colour Setting Files (CSF) for Adobe applications
- PDF Export settings for Adobe applications

Download the free 3DAPv3 settings package by clicking here (11,1MB zip archive)

**Important Note: It should be noted that these settings will only reproduce the colour integrity of the original image into the correct colour space for printing. Manual editing may still be required if the original is poor quality.


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