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Responsibilities for proof originators using 3DAP accredited proofing solutions

Any users of 3DAP accredited proofing solutions must be responsible for the day to day QC of their accredited proofing solution. Procedures and QC systems should always be implemented in collaboration with the vendor the proofing solution was purchased from. Some of the proof originators responsibilities include:

1. Ensuring that their vendor has supplied them with a QC systems procedure, including the recommended set-up, calibration procedures, 3DAP Papertype-1, Papertype-3 & Papertype-4 proof verification software and hardware and a file of the 3DAPv3 Accreditation Form. .

2. Periodically produce a proof of the 3DAPv3 Accreditation Forms using the proof vendor’s QC system procedure guidelines and measure and record the delta E values. The delta E values must be within the specified delta E tolerances specified by 3DAP v3.

3. To ensure the accredited 3DAPv3 control wedge appears on all proofs for QC.

4. Not to change any components of the accredited proofing solution without first consulting with the vendor. It should be noted that any change to the accredited solution (e.g. proofing stock) could render the solution out of specification.
NB: To ensure the accuracy and consistency of proofs, it is essential that the calibration of equipment used to produce proofs is monitored and kept within the manufacturer’s guidelines; changes can affect the proof result and therefore 3DAP compliance.

It is the responsibility of the proof supplier who attaches the 3DAP control strip to a proof used in the market that they ensure that the proof complies with the published guidelines.


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